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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2011
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Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Escuela Superior de Cómputo

Laboratory of Fundamental Analysis of Circuits

Fundamental Analysis of Circuits

Practical number 5

"Analysis of nodes in CA"Group:1CV16


Students: Espinoza López Atahualpa

Nicolás Navarrete Ilse Mariana

Professor: Martínez Guerrero José Alfredo

Date of realization: 10-10-2011

Date of delivery:17-10-2011



Apply the method of nodes to determine the present voltages in an electrical circuit and like this employ this technician to calculate the falls of present tensionin nets that contain multiple nodes.


1 Multimeter 1 Protoboard

1 Generator of functions 2 Resistor of 1 kΩ to 1/2of watt

1Oscilloscope 1 Resistor of 120 Ω to 1/2 of watt

4 Tips caimán-caimán 1 Capacitor of 0.1 µF

4 Tips banana-caimánWires of connection

3 Tips for oscilloscope


Tongs of cut and of tip

Introduction Theoretical:

In an analysis nodal employs LCK to determinethe voltages of the nodes,which define regarding a common point or node of reference in the circuit under an analysis. With frequency this node is one to the that this connected the main number ofbranches and to the that comúnmente designates him earth due to the fact that it says that this to a potential of earth cero and some times represents the line of earth in a practical circuit.

Inthis type of analysis, the variables in the circuit choose like the voltages of the nodes.Said variable select like positive regarding the node of reference, of such form that if any of the voltages ofthe nodes is negative regarding the node of reference, the analysis indicated it.

Since the existence of a voltage define between two nodes, to the node of reference has to him associate in a...
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