Procesos de manufactura en metales

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Principales procesos
٨ Vaciado ٨ Deformación
‫ ﻤ‬Forjado ‫ ﻤ‬Rolado ‫ ﻤ‬Extrusión ‫ﻤ‬Trefilado ‫ ﻤ‬Estampado

٨Remoción de material corte
‫ ﻤ‬Torneado ‫ﻤ‬Fresado ‫ ﻤ‬Taladrado ‫ ﻤ‬boring ‫ ﻤ‬formado ‫ ﻤ‬knurling

٨ En base a hoja
‫ ﻤ‬Corte ‫ ﻤ‬Doblado ‫ ﻤ‬Embutido profundo

٨ Remoción de material
‫ ﻤ‬Abrasivos ‫ ﻤ‬Pegado mecánico ‫ ﻤ‬Corte poragua ‫ ﻤ‬Corte por plasma ‫ ﻤ‬Operaciones de terminado

٨ Polvos

TABLE 11.1 Process

Almost any metal cast; no limit to size, shape or weight; low tooling cost. Gooddimensional accuracy and surface finish; high production rate. Most metals cast with no limit to size; complex shapes Intricate shapes; good dimensional accu- racy and finish; low porosity.

LimitationsSome finishing required; somewhat coarse finish; wide tolerances. Part size limited; expensive patterns and equipment required. Patterns have low strength and can be costly for low quantities Limitedto nonferrous metals; limited size and volume of production; mold making time relatively long. Limited size.

Shell mold

Procesos De Vaciado

Expendable pattern

Plaster mold

Ceramic moldIntricate shapes; close tolerance parts; good surface finish. Intricate shapes; excellent surface finish and accuracy; almost any metal cast. Good surface finish and dimensional accuracy; lowporosity; high production rate. Excellent dimensional accuracy and surface finish; high production rate.


Part size limited; expensive patterns, molds, and labor.

Permanent moldHigh mold cost; limited shape and intricacy; not suitable for high-melting-point metals. Die cost is high; part size limited; usually limited to nonferrous metals; long lead time. Equipment isexpensive; part shape limited.



Large cylindrical parts with good quality; high production rate.

Ejemplo de vaciado, con molde de arena


Deformación (Rolado)...
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