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1. ¿What was the enviroment at the time El Exito was born?
El Exito was created in a difficult period of history, this period is charactized inColombian history by the violence that began whith armed confrontation between liberal and conservative parties. Even though the political life was very confused.
2. ¿How was the development of ElExito?
El Exito started its activities in a small shop in Medellin where he sold some items developed in the area as textiles, finished second after it opened a local in Itagui to meet demand after thesuccess of the first location. over time owing to the normalization of political, economic and social development in Colombia successfully opens a branch in Bogota increasing the diversity ofproducts and so began the national expansion.
3. ¿What is the tendency to evaluate the companies performance today?
Today the tendency to evaluate the performance of companies is more focused on humandevelopment, the development of skills and abilities of members of the company, it is important for companies to have a development in the knowledge of their managers to enhance leadership skills.4. ¿Why is important to change the orientation to professional management?
It is important because it increases the control of the company, starting with developing a strategic plan and anorganizational structure that allows the development of the entire enterprise. This guidance includes the implementation of areas or departments of administrative, marketing, finance and others.
5.¿What contributions are contained in the globalize orientation?
This trend allows for integration into new markets, obtain new technologies to improve the performance and operation of enterprises andthe implementation of techniques that increase global production and consumption of products based on low costs and low prices.

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