Process group interaction

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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Process Group Interaction
The project management processes are presented as discrete elements with well-defined interfaces. However, in practice they overlap and interact in ways that areno completely detailed. The application of the project management processes is iterative, and many processes are repeated during the project.

The integrative nature of projectmanagement requires the monitoring and controlling process group to interact with the other Process Groups. Project Management Process Groups are linked by the outputs they produce. The Process Groups areseldom either discrete or one-time events; they are overlapping activities that occur throughout the project.
The output of one process generally becomes an input to another process or is a deliverableof the project. The Planning Process Group provides the Executing Process Group with the project management plan and project documents, and as the project processes, it often entails updates to theproject management plan and the project documents. The figure illustrates how the Process Groups interact and shows the level of overlap at various times. If the project is divided into phases, theProcess Groups interact within each phase.

The five Process Groups have clear dependencies and are typically performed in the same sequence on each project. They are independent ofapplication areas or industry focus. Individual Process Groups and individual constituent processes are often iterated prior to completing the project. The constituent processes can be interaction within aProcess Group among Process Groups. The nature of these interactions varies from project to project and may or may not be performed in a particular order.
The process flow diagram provides an overallsummary of the basic flow and interactions among Process Groups and specific stakeholders. A Process Group includes the constituent project management processes that are linked by the respective...
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