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I wish I had some pearls of wisdom to gibe you but I am just starting to break this habit myself. I have always been more productive at night, so I would stay up al night and sleep all day. I figured as long as I was getting some sleep I would be ok. But it doesn't work out in the long run. My moods started going up and down and I couldn't concentrate--even with my high dose ofstimulants. So I, like you, endeavored to get on a normal sleep schedule under the advisement of my psychiatrist/therapist. Some nights are better than others, but generally I am in bed by midnight and up by 9 am. But then when I get up at 9 am I tend to do things like this (checking out forums) or playing on facebook or other websites. THE MOST EFFECTIVE thing I have been able to do is to NOTturn on the computer/open the internet in the morning. I do not turn on the TV either b/c that is another one of my big time wasters. And finally I SCHEDULE out my day in my planner (I know, I still shudder at the word). I have an actual paper planner, I tried doing it digitally, but for me, I needed the reinforcement of actually writing down what I was going to do and when I was going to do it. Istill use iCal for my "big events" but for my day to day scheduling I use the paper planner. You could just use a piece of paper if you wanted. First I write in my appointments (doctor's, meetings, groomer--for my dog, etc.) anything that has to be done at a specific time. Then I block out my classes (I'm a grad student) WITH travel time (I go to a HUGE University, so we don't get to park anywherenear where our classes are). After that, I look at how many hours I have left and I look at my to do list. It usually includes reading some ridiculously long book and writing a paper about it. I know I am a slow reader b/c of my ADD, so I know I can read about 20-30 pages in 45 minutes. I like to start at the top of the hour, so say 10:00 am is when I am going to start working. From 10-10:45 am Iwill read, and then I will give myself a 15 minute break. I was a MARATHON reader and writer. I always procrastinated until the last minute and then spent about 36 straight hours doing a research paper with minimal breaks. I find that scheduling in the breaks every hour actually makes me more productive. then 11-11:45 am read/write, then a 15 minute break. I even have to schedule in meals, so12-12:30 pm, lunch then I take a longer break from 12:30-1:00 pm where I usually will go on the internet, but set my watch to vibrate at 5 minutes before 1 pm, so I know my time is almost up. If it is just a day of straight blocks of open time (i.e. no appointments, no classes) I find it quite effective to work 45 mins break for 15 mins all day with an hour break for lunch/internet and then I givemyself another hour break at 7 pm to watch Bones, and after that I usually have worked at least 6 hours total of focused work time (not counting breaks). And if I can get 6 hours of work time in a day, then I feel pretty good. If I need to get more done, I schedule into the evening, but like to leave free time for walking my dog, doing my hobbies, watching TV, wasting time on the internet, etc. Whenyou have your time scheduled out and you have your "fun" time built into that schedule I find that it is much easier to stick to and I am not tempted to pop some stimulants and stay up all night to finish work.

1. Do Something Fun First
Many people with ADHD find it helpful to do something they love first as a way to get in the mood to do less enjoyable tasks.

Any stimulating activity youenjoy will do the trick. Some ADDers play basketball or computer games. Others dance or take a bubble bath. Set a timer for 20 minutes to make sure you don’t get so absorbed in the fun activity that you forget to do the necessary one.

2. Create the Right Work Environment
People who have ADHD often are most productive in unconventional surroundings. Instead of wearing earplugs to ensure...
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