Procter and gomble, the meanings of expropiation and confiscation

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Procter And Gomble
You have to know some products of P and G because they have 250 brands in their company, it is a company that has passed through the centuries creating brands and building thosebrands.
Since they born, they have 130 countries and over 40 million’s in that countries. That is because P-n-G focus in the most important thing in the marketing, the customer.
They began theirbusiness by creating a soap that can float. That was what costumers need; they focus on that, in the need for the costumers.
P&G star doing publicity when the TV comes out, they do a lot of dramas whitsoap, and a lot of commercial, and now days they continue doing, for example whit springles, that have a commercial when all the people are dancing and celebrating.
What are they doing is focusing incostumers, in what they need, what they are thinking, and what they are doing whit their brand. That’s hard for P&G because they have a lot of products, and they need to focus in different size ofcostumers, for example whit springles they need to focus in young people, but when we talk about the cleaning products they focus on ladies that work in home.
To finish, what P&G are doing is focus oneach category of costumers, in each country, they have a grate branding and publicity doing what the costumers want, feeling what the costumers need, and meeting their needs.
- InMexico expropriation has been used for the benefit of the creation and improvement, in some cases of public works. After a long and damage to the country due to high oil prices, the oil expropriation of1939 is an example of this.
- There is much speculation about the recent expropriation order in Venezuela for the private company Exito hypermarkets. The “Instituto para la Defensa y Educación delConsumidor y el Usuario (Indecu)” closed the Supermarket Success for 24 hours, at present the public with misleading offers.
- Isaiah group multiple companies, including media, were...
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