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Complete the sentences with a/an or some.
1. We bought ___some_______ vegetables at the supermarket.

2. There’s ___some_________soup in the kitchen.

3. I’ve got ___an_____orange in mylunchbox.

4. Bring __some_______sausages to the barbecue

5. I ‘like _some________ketchup.

6. I haven’t ___a________got credit card.

7. There’s __a_____ bottle of fruit juicein the fridge.

8. I’m going to cook _some___rice.

Complete the sentences. Use‘d like, cold……. Have or would …. Like, with a /an or some. i´d like ...../ could i have .......?/ would youlike.......?

1. A:__could_______ I have a baked potato, please?

B: yes, of course.

2. A: _could_______ I ___have SOME_______ butter, please?

B: Yes, here you are.

3. A:_Would_______ you LIKE___some______ bread?

B: No thanks.

4. A: _would__________ you like ___an___ apple?

B: Yes, please.

5. A: I ‘ d like____a_____ cup of coffee, please?B: Ok

6. A: __Could________ I ___________ have some grapes, please?

B: Yes. Help yourself.

7. A: I ‘d __like__some_____ mushroom soup, please.

B: Sorry, wehaven’t got any soup today.

8. A: ___would_______ you __like_____a__ beef burger?

B: No, thank you. I’m not hungry.

Complete the questions with much or many. Then match them with theanswers (a – h).

1. How __much_________ does the baby weigh? __c____

2. How ____many_______ students go to this school? _e_____

3. How ___many________ days are there in July? _h______4. How ___much________ mineral water have we got? __g____

5. How __many_______ legs has a wallaby got? ____a___

6. How ___much_______ butter is there in the fridge? __d____

7.How _____much_____ fruit did you buy? __f_____

8. How _many_________ biscuits would you like? b

A. Four.

B. Two, please.

C. 3.2 kilos.

D. One packet.

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