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1.- What is "PRODUCTIVITY"?
A= Is the use of resources to obtain production, or we can also define it as the relation between the results and the time that was used to obtainedthem.

2.- How is productivity measured?
A= Some enterprises measure their productivity in function of the commercial value of their products.

3.- Define:

•Single-factor productivity:
 Refers to the measurement of productivity that is a ratio of output and one input factor.
Multifactor productivity or Total Factor productivity:A variable which accounts for effects in total output not caused by inputs.
4.- Which are the productivity variables (3) ?
A= Work, capital and management.
5.- Explain themain differences between the 3 factors above mentioned.

A= Capital are all the resources a company counts with to make the production, while work and management are the effortand the strategies the enterprise will use to produce.

6.- What is a knowledge society?

A= Is a non profit community working for the dissemination of all forms of OpenAccess to Knowledge.

7.- What are its main characteristics?

A= Promotes actively the philosophy of open access and support organizations in academic publishing and establishingtheir institutional repositories.

8.- What are some actions taken by TACO BELL to increase productivity that have resulted in the restaurant´s ability to serve "twice the volumewith half the labor"?

A= The provision of the latest information technology, equipment for food service, simple techniques for the work planning and effective team training.9.- What are the five main reasons why productivity is difficult to improve in the service sector?
A= Huge demand of service, great amount of clients that consume a product.
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