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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Professional ethics

For ordinary people, ethics and morality mean the same, or otherwise, are closely linked so it is very difficult to distinguish between one and another.
We are professional future is our duty as people know they are pragmatic and moral ethics also know their applicability to our professional life.
According to González Moral ethics is defined as: A set of rules orstandards of behavior that makes the distinction between good and evil as the criterion of human perfection. Interestingly the concept of this author on morality, because I think human perfection is impossible, because man is not by design. The only person who possesses the perfection is God. However, it is good to have as a standard of perfection, and that we should always aspire to do better, and inthis case God is the best model.
On the other hand, there are ethics, which is the science which studies the Moral in all its senses. But today, has many names ethics, social ethics, work ethics, political ethics, professional ethics, etc.. As has become a discipline that is studied in all areas, once thought that politics, economics and ethics were the only ones who could study the values,however, we see that this thinking has changed, transforming ethics in an interdisciplinary science that encourages and helps to understand the other sciences from their own perspective.
Incorporate ethics into our lives, should not be cause for surprise or presumption, as it must be something that we should live every day, but apparently is a very serious and somewhat complicated in our currentreality, because sometimes ethics only be used as simply a face in our daily actions. We must be fully aware and convinced that ethics is governed by basic universal principles such as justice (justice we all cherish the moment that no one likes being treated unfairly). Therefore depends on us, establishing an ethical environment, with our family, friends, and especially with our partners for thismission, we must undertake a series of actions and attitudes aimed at awakening the thoughts that encourage ethical culture in each and every one of us, such as preparing and forming a set of values ​​on which we project our life, under the premise that one should not impose such a code, if it should occur under the vision that to give life, not only create a pleasant working environment but we can makeour actions are beyond our borders work to do to reach all areas of our daily lives. But finally, deciding to keep a lifestyle attached to the ethical attitudes, it is more difficult because it seems that nowadays, these actions are not financially remunerated, on the contrary, we make ourselves out of rhythm within the pace of life that marks today's society. Therefore, we must raise awareness,that urgently require people attached to ethics, this is what we need today to succeed in all aspects of our lives, because I think that this way we can improve our level of life and therefore the country, which are a part.

We are in a world where every day is more important to clarify the ethical dilemmas posed by human action, so it is vital to the Ethics as a discipline of study in thetraining curricula of all educational institutions, and more at the university where are trained professionals in the future. It is pertinent then that every educational institution, provides students with the possibilities of knowledge on ethics, so they have a conceptual skeleton 'where from it can reflect on the ethical dilemmas that arise in the exercise of their profession. Not only is thatpractice should seek professional ethics but also every individual discover the need to take the path towards the progressive humanization.


Ética profesional

Para la gente del común, la ética y la moral significan los mismo, o en su defecto, están íntimamente ligadas de tal forma...