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=========< CVS Spriting Basics Volume 3 >========

SF3 to CVS conversion tutorial

Hi all there! Here’s the 3rd. volume of my tutos about CVS.
At this occasion, we’re gonna take as subject ofstudy the conversion from SF3 to CVS style.

Now, our model for this conversion will be Remy.

The Steps we’re going to need to know:

1.- Ratio aspect conversion
2.- Palette downgrade
3.-Reshading, application of the key points of the CVS style (see volume 1)
4.- Final fixes

Soooooooooooooo… lets get to the matter.

=========< Ratio Aspect Convertion>========

First, before weproceed to change any proportion at all we need to settle wich will be the factors of such operation (how many percent at wide, how at height).

For such task the factors can vary from char to char,but to be fair and accurate, we’ll gonna do an analysis from a character that exists in both styles: Chun Li:

We resize the SF3 version to fit the CVS:

Then, we have our factors: 75% wide, 94%height!

Knowing these, we can proceed!
=========< Ratio Aspect Convertion>========
Lets apply those to Remy:


Damn!, looks quite different already huh!?
This type of conversion(SF3-CVS) is, in fact; quite easy, just needs to be well done ; P

Is important that the first thing you do is the resize. If you edit first and then resize, you surely gonna screw up your edit..

So,jump to step 2

=============< Pallete Downgrade>===========

As you may note, the SF3 style has a lot more colors than the CVS with its 15 gamma, so; we should reduce those to fit CVS. You can editthem with the color palette option at Photoshop or a palette editor you choose.

In this point, you may need to change from Indexed to RGB mode several times until you get the color count the wayyou want AND the closest to the gradient canon of the CVS style (see volume 1).



Then, we proceed to do the 3rd step.
< Reshading, application of the key points of the CVS style >...
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