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Frankenstein Chapter
These Frankenstein chapter summaries are even better than the book! You should read both.
* The Movies
We've all been there. There's a test tomorrow. You haven't read the book, so you have this great idea: watch the movie.
Bad idea.
There have been hundreds of Frankenstein movies, none of them even have an accurate summary of Mary Shelley'sFrankenstein:
*Frankenstein is not the name of the monster; it's the name of the scientist. The monster has no name. He is really, really lonely.
* The monster is not deranged because the scientist uses an abnormal brain. The monster is deranged because Victor Frankenstein abandons him on the day of its creation because the monster is really, really ugly.
* The best Frankenstein movie is YoungFrankenstein. I highly recommend it, not because it portrays the novel accurately, but because it's really, really funny.
* TNT made a Frankenstein movie years ago that at least had the same characters as the novel. I turned it off when Elizabeth, Victor's fiancee, shows up and "gets it on" with Victor during a picnic. That never happened. The movie is really, really bad.
* There wasanother Frankenstein remake starring Robert DeNiro made about 10 years ago. I never saw it. I heard it was really, really boring.
You've read my summary (or is it dummary?) of Frankenstein movies; now it's time for my summary of Frankenstein the novel.

* Frankenstein Chapter Summaries with Commentary: Letters 1-4
These Frankenstein chapter summaries actually begin with letters:
Robert Walton'sletters - The novel begins at the end. That makes little sense, I know, but apparently it was cool in the 1800s. Robert Walton writes letters to his sister (cell phones, text messaging, and e-mail did not exist and if they had he'd have gotten no reception once he entered the arctic ocean). He whines in his first three letters about how lonely he is because he has no friends and his crew are a bunchof primates, incapable of intelligent conversation.
Anyone with a brain would, of course, never agree to travel through ice with a loon looking to discover the secret of magnets. That's right. Walton sails to the North Pole to discover the secret of magnets (Walton's kind of like my Uncle Leonard who tried to get me to join his magnet-selling pyramid scheme/multi-level marketing company and can'tfigure out why he has no friends).
Imagine embarking on the most idiotic scientific expedition of all time and meeting the man responsible for the most idiotic scientific theory (that a 10-foot tall creature made from dead body parts wouldn't be hideous) in the middle of the arctic ocean while riding on a floating piece of ice. That's what happens. The man responsible for the aforementionedidiotic scientific theory (that a 10-foot tall creature made from dead body parts wouldn't be hideous) is none other than Victor Frankenstein, our protagonist.
Frankenstein, recognizing the same level of idiocy in Walton decides to tell his story as a warning. I now give you the summary of Frankenstein's tale.
* Frankenstein Chapter Summaries with Commentary: 1-3
These Frankenstein chaptersummaries have all the information you'll need to make your teacher think you maybe read the book.
Chapter 1 - Victor gives his parents' background: His Dad was a good fellow who searched out an old friend who had fallen on hard times. He finds his old friend dead and his daughter impoverished. He took her home. They married 2-years later (Note to self: make sure my life insurance premiums are paid upso my daughter doesn't have to marry my best friend when I die). Victor Frankenstein is their first child. While traveling through Italy, Victor's mother adopts a beautiful orphan named Elizabeth, who becomes Victor's playmate.
Chapter 2 - Frankenstein expresses his love for science and alchemy. He sees electricity destroy a tree and begins his passion for electricity. He turns 13 and his...
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