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Canada Day Day of Canada: it is the national holiday of Canada, is celebrated on first of July, for the promulgation of the Act of Constitution on First of July in 1867, which joined three coloniesin an alone country Canada called inside the British Empire.
It is called often “The birthday of Canada ", the occasion marks theconnection of the British American North colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada in a federation of four provinces on first of July in 1867.-------------------------------------------------

Most of communities across the country will receive celebrations organized during the Day of Canada, events in general exterior public, as parades, carnivals,festivals, fireworks, and free musical concerts, as well as ceremonies of citizenship for new citizens. There is no standard way of celebration during the Day of Canada.
The place of the celebrations is thenational capital, Ottawa, Ontario, where big concerts and cultural demonstrations are supported the Hill onParliament, with the general governor and the prime minister typically that he exercises,though the monarch or another member of the Royal Family also could represent or take the place of the general governor. More small events are mounted in other parks about the city and in Gatineau,Quebec

On June 20, 1868, the General of Governor the Vizconde Monck published a royal proclamation the request for Canadiansto celebrates theanniversary of the federation. Nevertheless, the vacations were not established legally until 1879, when it was designated as the Day of Domain, in the reference to the designation of the country as aDominionin the British Act of North America.
In 1946, Philéas Côté, a member of Quebec of the Chamber of the Common ones, introduced a project of law to rename the Day of Domain as the Day of...