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Operating System

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4690 Operating System


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4690 Wireless terminal tips This document contains tips and information forinstalling 4690 Wireless Terminals of the 4694 family and SurePOS 4800 family for use with the 4690 Operating System (4690 OS).

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This edition applies to the 4690 Wireless 4694 and SurePOS 4800 Terminal Installation Tips document and to all prior releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in future new editions. When you send information to IBM, yougrant IBM a nonexclusive right to use or distribute whatever information you supply in any way IBM believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you. This document contains tips and information for installing 4690 Wireless Terminals of the 4694 family and SurePOS 4800 (models 102/142/202/242/732/733/752/753/721/741/781) family for use with the 4690 Operating System (4690 OS). The documentcontains information and updates for the 4690 OS V4R1 and earlier releases. For further information about wireless support on 4690 OS, contact IBM Partner World Contact Services(PWCS) at 1-800-426-9990 Note: To print the attached PDF file of this document, please use landscape orientation.

Wireless 4694 and SurePOS 4800 terminals

In-store communication has usually been done over cablesthat connect POS terminals to their controllers. Cables offer a dependable medium for transferring data, but one that is often expensive to install and limited in flexibility when adding or relocating workstations. A wireless LAN communicates using radio waves between a base wireless workstation and remote wireless workstations within a geographical area referred to as a cell. For users of IBM StoreSystems, this offers a flexible solution for communication between POS terminals and their controllers by providing an effective alternative to the standard cabling used today. The same store controller can be used to communicate using both cable and wireless connectivity. This will allow flexibility of adding or moving wireless attached workstations within an area while the fixed wiredworkstations remain untouched. There are several steps involved in setting up a 4690 system to run wireless 4694 and SurePOS 4800 terminals. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth items contain specific setup information for the different equipment suppliers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Terminal Setup - Configuring the terminal for wireless operation Controller Setup - Configuring logical names for application andperformance. Symbol Wireless LAN Adapter and Access Point Setup Telxon Wireless LAN Adapter and Access Point Setup Symbol Client Bridge and Access Point Setup Cisco Workgroup Bridge and Access Point Setup

Terminal setup
4694 and SurePOS 4800 terminal setup must be changed to allow the terminals to remotely load using an adapter card, a Symbol Client Bridge, or a Cisco Workgroup Bridge. Note: ISAwireless cards are only supported on 4694 family except for the 4694-2x7 and 4694-3x7 terminals. Note: PXE is supported as a boot protocol for Ethernet LAN attached 4694-2x7 and 4694-3x7 terminals on 4690 V2R4 and later releases and also for Ethernet LAN attached 4694-2x5, 4694-2x6, and SurePOS-4800 730/750 terminals on 4690 V3R1 and later releases. The SurePOS 4800 721/741/781 family is supported...
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