Professor rios into the “rio”

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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Professor Rios into the “Rio”

This is what happened.
One day it was raining torrentially. Professor Rios arrived shortly before the 5 p.m. bell rang. He arrived trying to avoid pools andsloughs because at the time the streets were made out of dirt not of concrete he was jumping from one place to an other like a Mexican Jumping bean , so that he could get to the classroom some what clean.He entered the room completely clean and taught the drawing class until nine at night; when it was time to go home everything was very, very dark. The only illumination provided were those little 100watts lights bulls in each one of the classrooms. We the students were walking very slowly, very, very slowly, guessing pools and trying to avoiding them... In certain part, the row of students wasmaking a very long roundup to avoid the pools. And Professor Rios speed up because he had walked over those pulls earlier that afternoon he thought he could jump them all ... Since he though heremembered every single one of the pools that he had seen when he arrived. So he left the row and started to jump, he knew that the pools were not very wide and he knew he could jump them safety with a verygood jump. So Mr. Rios backed down a little, took some space, and he started to run, and finally he made the ballet jump.
Yes he could have made it, and he did make it I think. But he had all ourdrawings in his arms; so, he could not swing his arms... And in fact yes, he did made it, but..., when Mr. Rios put his feet on the ground the mud was very slippery, his feet went slid forwards, andhis back , back to the pool!
All the yelling between the students started to grow, and between the shouts i thought to distinguish several unprintable expressions that hurt Mr. Rios pride andself-esteem. They said to him "slimy" and many other things. And the shame was Mr. Rios shame, it was soon to be mine. I, one of the most respectable students was that afternoon, I was very close to Mr....