Profitable customer relationships.

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Theimportance of the profitable customer relationships________________________3

7 steps to build a profitable customer relationship_________________________4

Conclusions __________________________4Bibliography_________________________5


The cycle of the marketing includes: needs, demands and wants; marketing offers; satisfaction of the customer; exchange –buying and selling andfinally we arrive at the place- market.
The principal objective of marketing is the customer, promising superior value and deliver satisfaction that are evaluated in the Profitable CustomerRelationships.

The customer value: Is attracting by offering superior value, benefits v.s cost.
The customer satisfaction: Is keeping and growing PCR´s by offering satisfaction, performance v.s expectations.In this article we make emphasis in the importance that the PCR´s give to a company that are the customers´s loyalty, recommendations and sells increasing.


One thing that is importantin business’ world is the relationship with the customers, if they feel satisfied and they think that the service or product that you offer is good, they won’t just continue buying the product, theywill feel good and they will trust in you.

You need a process to build and maintain profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction.
Customer satisfactiondepends on the product’s perceived performance relate to buyer’s expectation, if the customer feel satisfied you can be sure that it will exist a customer relationship.


Nowadays,customer relationships are very important for all the companies from the smallest to the biggest ones we can see an example in Honda, for this car company, after sell service has the same importance or...
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