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No ordinary night
1. Theres something in the air tonight it feels as if the time is right for something quite amazing to occur. Folks have come from milles around the census has them homeward bound, and ev’ry town and village is a-stir. There a feeling I’ve been feeling and its time for a revealing sure would be apealing if it were.

Its no ordinary night not merly black andwhite but euphorious and gloriusly grand and extraordinay night its no wonder were excited. Could there be a celebration close to hand?oh it feels like if it realy could be so! Yes its no_____ ordinary night.

2. There something in the air tonoight the stars are shining extra bright like something must be brewing it the sky. All the sheep are quiet now but even though we don’t know how,Theres much more to this night that meets the eye there a growing expectation of a coming revelation we can use an explenation as to why?

its no ordinary night not meriy black and white but euphorious and gloriously grand. An extraordinary night its no wonder were excited could there be a celebration close to hand oh it fells like if it really could be so yes its no_________ ordinaryni_____ght.

Shaggy smelly sheep

Camped upon a green judean hillside underneath a vast and starry sky, its cold in here tonight but the fire is burning bright and sheperds have to keep a watchful eye. Sheperd have a life that’s like no other but not the kind that you might think. Its not a bed of roses for you have to hold your noses . theres on thing that this job that really stinks!Shaggy smelly sheep. Shaggy smelly sheep.

People say that shepherds are the lowest of the low. Theres lots of places that were not aloud to go and they make us work for cheap. Watching shaggy smelly sheep
it’s the only job weve ever had but its really not that ba_______d.

Shaggy smelly sheep. Shaggy smelly sheep

. They need someone to lead them or they’ll quickly lose theirway its our job to feed them and to keep the wolves at bay. it’s a job we plan to keep.

Watchin shaggy smelly sheep
Shaggy smelly sheep, shaggy smelly sheep

Glory to God
Minding the flock tending the sheep trying to catch a moment of sleep when out in the blue the night turned to day an angel appeared and we heard him say “fear not for I have good news a Savior is born unto you__.”And the angels sang “glory glory to God. glory to God in the highest. Glory glory to God. glory to God in the highest. good will to men and peace on earth. glory to God for the Savior’s birth.
this is a sign youll find him today in the city of David in a manger of hay. He is the christ God’s baby boy let the people rejoice and sing for joy
“glory glory to God. Glory to God in the highest.Glory glory to God glory to God in the highest. Good will to men and peace on earth . glory to God for the Saviors birth.
Glo___________-ri-a in excel-sis Deo. Glo___________-ri-a in excelsis Deo.
Glory glory to God glory to God in the highest. Glory glory to God. Glory to God in the highest. Good will to men and peace on earth. Glory to God for the Saviors birth!_______________headin’ down to Bethlehem
cant belive we really saw an angel. Millions of flying in the sky. And the news about his birth is the greatest thing on earth that were about to see with our own eyes. What about this Savior in a manger ? why would he be born in such a place? But God knows what is best, and we are truly blessed. To be the first to look upon his face. Headin’down to Bethlehem gonna see a Savior. Gonn find the Savior cause the angel told us so. Prophets have foretold him, cant wait to behold him. Christ the Lord our Savior that was promised long ago.
Wonder what the baby is gonna look like? Will he be like any other boy? Well have the chance to see when we touch his hands and feet. Just seeing him is bound to bring us joy! Little bitty baby in a manger...