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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2012
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* Our main focus : the river _> great potential
* Historical use of the river : leisure and transport
* Lost! Why -> noaccess!
A lack of accessibility
* Physical barriers : road, sports academy, river façade (private space)
Reintroducing access to the river
* The Sports Academy
* Either we move it (butneeds to keep the same level to keep the visual connexion to the Bosphorus)
* Or we change the concept, make it more open
* Example of an open university in Ontario
* The road* We can’t take out the road: important connexion to the Boshpous bridge
* But we can move it! To stop the barrier, needs to be slow down and needs pedestrian pathway
*Solutions to slow down : removing the traffic, special measures (chicanes, bumps,…)
* The river façade : not really a problem, used to be this way
The Göksu river : a great potential
* Improving thequality
* Introducing leisure activities : we propose to maintain the activities which are on the first portion (potential for leisure/”tourist” activities : rowboats to rent like traditionaluse, the potential of the castle landmark, the boat parking which needs to stay there)
* Green spaces : a way of social interaction, important in Turkey -> BBQs,…
* Maintaining thevisual connexion : important even if there is housing development, possibility to develop the city on the city (north point) and to develop housing on the abandoned area (south point) or the sportsacademy if it stays there
* Creating a link
* Why? Because the people from the north area might want to get access to the market, and the people from the south area might want to go to the“harbor” in order to get to the other side of the Bosphorus
* Thanks to social interaction : on the river and in the green spaces
* Thanks to a public equipment : potential for it either on...
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