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Programming and Software Reference for: • MCode • MCode/TCP MDrive, MForce and Hybrid Motion Control Products

MCode Programming and Software Reference Date 03/08/2006 02/16/2007 04/20/2007 10/25/2007 02/27/2008 06/16/08 08/14/2008 04/29/2009 08/04/2009 07/10/2009 11/23/2009 02/25/2010 07/02/2010 Revision R030806 R021607 R042007 R102507 R022708 R061608 R081408 R080409 R080409 R071009 R112309R022510 R070210 Changes Initial Release Added TR as a reserved for future use word. Revised manual to reflect firmware version MDI3.006. Added D5, analog input filter variable, various corrections and expansions of commands, updated error table. Revised manual to reflect firmware version MDI3.007 Revised Manual to reflect firmware version MDI3.008. Added QD (Qeued - Page 45) command and PW variable (Page44 and Appendex G: MForce PWM Current Control). Updated covers, added disclaimer information. Expanded on Trip definitions. Expanded on Error 92. Minor corrections throughout. Added NE (Numeric Enable Command. Relevant to Firmware Version 3.009 Added Hybrid commands, reformated to reflect current documentation standards and styling. Updated to reflect firmware release 3.010. Added Error 63 - characteroverrun Added Hybrid Flag AF, added errors 87, 88 and 89 for Hybrid Appended the HT (Hold Current Delay Time) command to reflect the behavioral difference between Legacy and Plus MDrive units. Updates and corrections throughout. Updates and corrections throughout. Added warning about enabling clock mode when using limits (pg 5-12). Added support for MDrive Ethernet products. Section 6: IMSTerminal renamed to Section 6: Supporting Software with the addition of instructions for the TCP/IP Configuration Utility for MDrive Ethernet and MDrive Hybrid Ethernet. Changed name of MDrive AccuStep to MDrive Hybrid throughout. Added procedure for upgrading Ethernet Controller firmware for Ethernet equipped MDrivePlus and MDrive Hybrid models. Added support for MDrive Hybrid firmware version 4.004 Addedsecond parameter details supporting hybrid calibration. Added correct range for torque speed and system speed. Added changes supporting default MDrive Hybrid calibration method.



02/14/2011 04/12/2011 08/05/2011 06/28/2012

R021411 R041211 R080511 R062812

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Important information
Thedrive systems described here are products for general use that conform to the state of the art in technology and are designed to prevent any dangers. However, drives and drive controllers that are not specifically designed for safety functions are not approved for applications where the functioning of the drive could endanger persons. The possibility of unexpected or un-braked movements can never...
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