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Camtasia Studio Screen Recording Software
Connect with your audience by creating interactive video tutorials, training, software demos and presentations. With full-motion recordingcapability that records the screen, webcam video and voice, you can produce professional-quality video presentations with small file sizes to post on the Internet, burn on CD-ROM, or deliver any wayyou choose in all the popular file formats.

Full-Motion Screen Recording
Camtasia Studio records real, full-motion video of anything on your screen - no assembly required. With Camtasia Studio'sexclusive screen recording codec, you get both perfect quality screen recordings and small file sizes.
NEW! Picture in a Picture Recording
Camtasia Studio 3.0 captures video from your webcam andsynchronizes it with your screen recording to record the presentation and the presenter. Camtasia Studio is available as a Total Recording Kit with an optional webcam and microphone included, to makesetup effortless.
Record Audio
Camtasia Studio captures your voice narration as well as system audio such as sound effects from an application or audio from a Web demo.
Add Emphasis
Specialeffects such as cursor highlighting, mouse click signals, zooming in and out, and "drawing" on the screen enhance viewer comprehension.
PowerPoint Presentations
Camtasia Studio is ideal for recordingand publishing your live presentation. All elements of your presentation, including slide timing, animations and voice narration, are recorded. You can then publish your complete presentation (notjust the slides) on CD or the Web in any of the popular formats Camtasia Studio supports.
Task Pane
Camtasia Studio's extensive editing options are at your fingertips in a clean, task-based studio.Handy tips reside unobtrusively below a list of the most common tasks.
Tracks and Storyboard
Multiple video and audio tracks can be viewed and edited individually along the storyboard. Zoom in...
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