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Quiz 4a, 30 pts with 2 pts extra credit

Given Information:

You have your book and notes, but DO NOT consult otherstudents, instructors or SWS or Study Group Leaders


|Multiple Choice, 1 pt each|
|1. The edge length of a body-centered cubic unit cell in terms of the atomic radius is given by ||a. 2r b. 4r/(3)1/2 c. 2(2)1/2 r d. 5r |
|2. Which of the followingphrases makes the statement below false? |
|“The better the orbital overlap between atoms, thestronger the bonds and the smaller the Eg.” |
|a. “The better the orbital overlap” |b.” the stronger the bonds”|c. “the smaller the Eg” |d. the original statement is |
| | ||true |

|3. |Which of the following is true as temperature decreases?|
| |Conductivity of a metal increases. |
| |Conductivityof a metal decreases. |
| |Band gap of a semiconductor increases...
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