Progressive muscle relaxation

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Stephanie Arango Quiroz
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Progressive muscle relaxation is a powerful tool first developed by Dr. Edmond Jacobson in the 1920s. Thistechnique reducing anxiety because tensing and relaxing the muscles that since muscle tension accompanies anxiety; one can reduce anxiety by learning how to relax the muscular tension. PMR entails aphysical and mental component.
The mental component specializes in finding the difference between feelings of tension and relaxation, because the eyes are closed, one is forced to concentrate on thesensation of tension and relaxation. On the other hand, the physical component is understood as the tensing and relaxing of muscle groups over the legs, abdomen, chest, arms and face.
This therapy hasmany benefits for people, generating well-being like decrease stress level and tension level, principally anxiety reduction, because relaxing affected differently all the system of body so helpsimprove the mental and physical status. Also has other benefics as vasodilation, Improves circulation, decreases cardiac pressure, decreases gastric spasms, improved digestion, reduce colic,avoid unnecessary energy expenditure.
According to previous paragraphs, be passed on to explain how to do this technique.
Remember that should choose a comfortable place, with low light and sound, for created apeaceful atmosphere.
The person should tensing of 5 to 7 seconds and relaxing of 15 to 20 seconds. Is necessary that in the tension, think of something bad or unpleasant after in relaxing think ofsomething nice
The practice of the muscle progressive relaxation can be carried in an ascending or descending order that is to say of feet to up or the head to down. However the person can startanywhere but should have the order. Also remember that the tension and relaxation is bilateral, do the right leg and the left, same for the rest of the body.

Finally this is the zones that must...
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