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Tax Accounting is born with the mission of providing legal counsel with extensive experience in tax matters, designing and implementing tax strategies to our customersenabling them to comply in a more efficient tax liabilities and hence better development and optimize resource management .
Our firm is staffed by a team of highly trained professionals, with a policyof transparency and reliability subject to the framework of legality, ensuring the security and peace of fiscal law of our customers.
We are the first firm of public accountants and tax specialistsin Mexico, which provide solutions to their companies, savings and tangible benefits, therefore, our services are designed to help employers to improve the return on your investment, minimize theburden administrative and economic enterprises are obliged to face in our country, using fiscal methodologies within the legal framework allowing:
Minimize the impact of taxes and contributions.Increase the availability of financial resources.
To be able to reinvest, expand, acquire, and so on.
Improve the return on your investment and provide benefits to directors, partners andemployees.
In addition to minimize and maximize the impact of the tax burden, we offer our services as part of the following:
constitutional Control
Defense Attorney
Labour DefenceCorporate Consulting.
Property Disposal
Design of tax structures
Tax Strategies
Transfer pricing
Intangible Assets
Foreign Trade and Customs
Management of immigration
Services for Municipalities and State Governments
Recruitment and Selection
Added to this, it is noteworthy that our services are based on the values of legality, communication,efficiency, quality, innovation and transparency with our clients.
Finally, we mention that in each of the strategies to handle today through our firm, TAX Accounting is committed to safeguarding the...
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