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Project Charter Template

Document Guidelines

The Project Charter is intended to serve as a communication vehicle that will be used as the basis for project development. This Template outlines the content and format of project charters to be used for Information Systems projects as part of the CCS Project Management Methodology. Any project matching one or more of thefollowing criteria requires a Project Charter:
• Fiscal/Base funding needed
• Project Resources > 20 Person Days
• Impact to another department (either as a result of the project, or for project resourcing)
• Strategic visibility (as determined by Project Sponsor)

Depending on the project scope, this document will be reviewed by either the CIO or the Information SystemsSteering Committee (ISSC) for approval. Project parameters should be clearly defined with sufficient information to facilitate making the decision.

The decision will be one of the following:

1 Approval to Plan

• Approval to spend the resources necessary to develop a detailed project plan (large, complex projects)
i. Approval to Execute
• Approval to proceed withproject execution (small, inexpensive, shorter projects)
ii. On Hold
• Approval in principle with the project concept, but certain conditions must be met prior to proceeding with execution. Project is to be put on hold until CIO/ISSC have determined that the needed criteria have been satisfied.
iii. Rejected
• Project is declined

~Text in Italics is for instructionsonly and should be removed from the final version~

Project Charter – Project #

|Project Name: |Name of the Project Listed in the Project Proposal |
|Author(s) of Charter: |Author(s) |
|Date:|Date of Submission |


The goal of this project is to … (encapsulate in one or two sentences the final deliverable or outcome of the project so that everyone understands what is to be accomplished in clear terms).


What is the opportunity or problem that the project willaddress? Identify the key needs that the project is designed to meet, and include any background material on reasons why the project needs have arisen. Be concise and include any background or supporting information as an appendix to this Document.

Since the Charter is a request to the CIO/ISSC to proceed with work, choose one of the following options to indicate your intent:1. Approval to Plan (specify the target date to return to the CIO/ISSC with the Project Plan)
2. Approval to Execute

Project Sponsor

The Project Sponsor provides support for the Project Manager by securing resources, assisting with major issues and policy conflicts, signing off on major deliverables, and providing the approval to proceed to each succeeding projectphase.

Project Sponsor: , ,


What are the Departments in the University that will use the deliverables or results of the project? Identify the key clients of the system or service, and where in the organization they are located.

Customer(s) : , ,

Project Budget

This section identifies the estimated costs that will beincurred as a result of this project. This includes any costs during the development/execution of the project (fiscal funding) and any post-implementation costs needed to maintain the project (base budget).

|Category |Description of Items |Fiscal Funding |Base Funding |
| |...
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