Project execution

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CIO Executive Board
IT Management Toolkit Series

IT Project Execution
A Step-by-Step Implementation Guide
Defining the Project Project Planning and Approval Executing the Project Concluding and Evaluating the Project

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Table of Contents
Introductory Materials
The IT Project Execution Imperative • v Using This Toolkit • vi IT Project Execution Process Map • viii List of Tools • x

IT Project Execution
Phase I: Project Definition • Tab 1 Step 1: Define Project and Objectives • 1 Step 2: Identify Broader ProjectStakeholders • 5 Step 3: Assess Requirements • 7 Step 4: Define Resource Needs • 21 Phase II: Planning and Approval • Tab 2 Step 5: Create Business Case • 23 Step 6: Determine Performance Metrics • 43 Step 7: Create Execution Schedule • 45 Step 8: Design Communication Plan • 49 Step 9: Design Business Readiness Plan • 53 Step 10: Select Service Providers • 57 Step 11: Functional IT Coordination • 63Step 12: Establish Project Team • 67 Phase III: Execution • Tab 3 Step 13: Execute Communication and Work Plan • 71 Step 14: Manage Project Changes • 79 Step 15: Manage Project Risk • 81 Step 16: Execute Business Readiness Plan • 83


Table of Contents (Continued)
Phase IV: Conclusion and Evaluation • Tab 4 Step 17: Close Project • 85 Step 18: Evaluate Project Delivery • 91 Step 19:Evaluate Project Team Performance • 97 Step 20: Conduct Vendor Assessment • 103 Step 21: Document Lessons Learned • 113 Phase V: Appendices • Tab 5 Appendix A: Glossary of Terms • 117 Appendix B: Project Roles and Responsibilities Matrix • 121 Appendix C: Job Descriptions • 125 Appendix D: Relationship to Common Methodologies • 133 Order Form • 137


The IT Project Execution ImperativeImproving project execution has become a top priority for many CIOs as a significant percentage of IT projects continue to fail to meet expectations for cost, schedule, and quality. According to the Standish Group’s 2004 CHAOS Report, only 34% of all IT projects are successful (delivered on time, on budget, with required features and functions) while 51% are challenged (late, over budget and/or with less...