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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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A Criminal History
On October 5 1984, 91 year old woman was attacked by a man who stole all her savings after she was tied, gagged and beaten. When the old woman was found by police, she feltreally nervous and she couldn’t provide any description of her attackers
On the same day, another 83 year old woman was attacked in a neighboring district, but this time she hadn’t been so lucky as theprevious one, because the attackers had severely beaten her and then suffocated with a pillow They robbed a small amount of 200 francs.
A month later, another old woman was found, she was 89 yearsold, she had asphyxiated with a plastic bag. They about 500 francs and a watch valued at 300 francs.
Since then, the crimes became increasingly violent and extreme cruelty.

Two days later thepolice found a new body. She was a 84 year old woman who had received several blows to the face, then gave her a fatal beating and tortured to death. Her mouth and throat were burned by acid. It isestimated that the loot was about 500 francs.
Thus, during the following days continued up to the terrible crimes sum of eight women brutally beaten and murdered in just five weeks. The police couldonly inspect the scene of a crime when they were notified other case. They couldn't do a good investigation.

The theft of money seemed to be the main reason for those brutal crimes, but the amountswere so ridiculous that the police quickly dismissed the idea.
The police couldn't capture the murder, because they didn't know well the profile of murder, they found it very difficult, becausethose crimes did not fit into any stereotype known. The murder had no sexual motive, but it was disconcerting sadism and brutality that shown in the crimes.
The murders of elderly women became the maintopic of conversation throughout Paris, and led the protests and demonstrations by the people against violent crime.
For 1986, two years afterthe first murder, the murderer had killed more than...
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