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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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TV Program: The late show with Carolina
TV Program: The late show with Carolina

Carolina: Good evening, today we have an interesting case about love and other impossible things.
Well, First Iwant to say that our case start with a banned romance between two persons with differents social status.
In Fact, I want to introduce you to Elias. A young student with 17 years old. Who live withhis parents and the maid. He has something to say tonight.
(Welcome Elias) [Claps]
Carolina: Hi Elias, How are you?
Elias: His Miss Carolina. I’m good. Thanks
Carolina: OK. Elias tell us. Areyou happy living with your parents?
Elias: No, I´m not . I know it’s usual to have some problems with the parents day by day, and for me it’s fine , but Seriously, I think that I’m involve in a hugeproblem.
Carolina: I don´t get it. What are you saying? , please explain us!!!
Elias: Miss Carolina, the truth is that , I’m starting to feel something different for a pretty girl .
Carolina: ohhIt’s good. Who is the girl?
Elias: For me, It’s unnecessary to explain who is. Only I know that I love her so much and her name is Pamela.
Carolina: mmm. We want to know to Pamela. Welcome Pamela(claps). Sit down please.
Good evening Pamela
Pamela: Good evening Miss Carolina
Carolina: Tell us. Pamela. How do you know Elias?
Pamela: Well, I work with his mother doing the housekeeping .I’m themaid and I’m very proud to be what I’m.
Carolina: ok. You are the maid. It’s a good job. Tell us Pamela. Are you love him?
Pamela: Yes, I love him a lot. I know that our love is atypical but Ibelieve that my feelings are totally correct because I love him with all my heart.
Carolina: ohh It sounds very romantic. One question Pamela . What do his family say it? Specially, What does hismother say about that?
Pamela: Well, I haven´t told her yet. As soon as We get married. She’s knowing the truth.
Carolina: Sorry, guys. But Your mother Elias is in The late show with Carolina. She...
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