Project management professional

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Project Management Professional

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QUESTION: 1 The inputs of the Performance Reporting process include all of the following except for which one?

A. Performance reviews B. Work performance information C. Forecasted completion D. Performance measurements

Answer: A

Explanation: Performance reviews are not an input of the Performance Reporting process. The remaining inputs of this process arequality control measurements, project management plan, approved change requests, and deliverables.

QUESTION: 2 You are a project manager for Pizza Direct, which is a retail pizza delivery store. Your company is competing with another retail store for the option of opening two new stores in a foreign country. You know, but have not yet informed your company, that you are going to go to work for thecompetitor, which happens to be bidding for this same opportunity. What is the most appropriate response?

A. You decide to participate in the initial meetings with the foreign business partners because any information you gain now will help you when you make the move to the new company. B. You inform the foreign business partners that you're going to be working with a new company and that youknow the deal they'll receive from the competing company is better than the one this company is proposing. C. You decline to participate in the initial meetings with the foreign business partners because of a conflict of interest. D. You've not yet received an official offer from the competing company for your new job opportunity, so you choose to participate in the initial meetings with theforeign business partners.

Answer: C

Explanation: The most appropriate response is to decline to participate because of a conflict of interest.


QUESTION: 3 The most effective team motivator is:

A. understanding the importance of the project B. the satisfaction of meeting a challenge C. All of the other alternatives apply. D. the visibility of the team's contribution E. theindividual's professional challenge

Answer: D

QUESTION: 4 Complete final contract performance reporting and verify product is done in _______ .

A. Conduct Procurements B. Close Procurements C. Plan Procurements D. Administer Procurements

Answer: B

Explanation: Complete final contract performance reporting and verify product is done in Close Procurements.

QUESTION: 5 Continuallymeasuring and monitoring the actual cost versus the budget is done to _____.

A. None of the other alternatives apply B. analyze the reasons for variances C. establish the variances D. identify the problems E. All of the other alternatives apply.


Answer: E

QUESTION: 6 You are a project manager for Giraffe Enterprises. You've recently taken over for a project manager who lied about...
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