Project management

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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Project definition
Project objective
The end result of the project is a guided trip around some important cities of Germany for the incoming students. Specifically for 20 people during 2 weeks.
The project must be completed in one month and the cost not exceed 14.700 euro.
During the management our first deliverable will be our data share with our customer (minimum culturalvalue for the trip). At the same time, the data sharing with the guide, we must to explain him/her our targets for the trip.
Once we have our targets set, one of the project managers will make a poster in the “Microsoft Photoshop editor”. Explaining the cities, route and prize for the trip. A company is going to print them for a specific cost and we will place in the HS-Harz.
To facilitate thework to our customer, we are going to send some emails to the incoming students explaining the main points and costs.
When all the management is almost done and the final consumers have pay, on the 3th of February, a meeting will take place with our customer and the interested final customers. The four of us will explain the details for the trip (schedule, specific route, costs, differentrestaurants in each city…). For easier understanding, we are going to distribute some maps for different cities. We will pick up those maps previously.

Time Significant events
1st week Find the accommodation, transportation and guide
2nd week Make and place the advertisements
4th week Final customers must pay
5th week Book train tickets and accommodation
February 3 Final meetingTechnical requirements
One of good aspects of making this project is that we don´t really need any special technical instruments. With the basic staff which can be found in an office is enough. Simply with a computer with internet connection, a phone, an email and a printer we can manage the project.
Limits and exclusions
There are some limits that can´t be included in the project. Thepayment by the final customers must be 3th of February days before the trip, once the students pay the trip if someone decides don´t to go it will be a 20% of money retention to afford the cost of booking the required staff. The food is not included in the prize but a list of several restaurants from each city will be distributed in the final meeting. Finally, the deposit for the accommodation is notincluded.
Reviews with customers
For HS-Harz will afford a quantity of the trip, there must be a minimum of visits to a cultural places. If there are, the HS-Harz will pay the tickets and the costs for those visits.
Is important to fix the dates of sending emails to the students, giving the advertisements and reserve a room to make the meeting.
Also, a data sharing with our customer isneeded. The university must give us the information like how many people, how many boys and girls (for the accommodation) also we will need the money for booking all what is necessary.
• Problem need or opportunity
o As we saw that there is no opportunity for incoming students to visit the different parts or places of Germany. If the students tried to do iton their own it would be more expensive and difficult to organize this trip. It would be also a great opportunity for the students to know about the culture and traditions of all the country.
• Proposed solution
o To solve this problem we organize the trip for the Hochschule focusing on the discounts of being a group and students, satisfying the cultural requirements. We offer the trip in a waythat everything is arranged so the s only things that they have to do are pay, and follow the itinerary.

• Major deliverables
o Information would be given to the students so they can know everything about the trip. Maps of the cities are going to be given to them and also the itinerary for each day. A list of restaurant and places to have something to eat, and some flyers to enter in...
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