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Manufacturing Processes 1

Direct Reading Measurement Instruments

Objective: To transmit the knowledge and perfect the usage of the Vernier Caliper and the Micrometer.Description: This project will be done in a program called Microsoft Power Point. It is about the Vernier Caliper and with the Micrometer measurement instruments. The students will have to perform aslideshow and a text in Microsoft Word.
The students are going to develop a Direct Reading Measurement Instruments Manual
The purpose is to show, through a set of different signals,pictures and photos how to use the Vernier Caliper as well as the Micrometer.
The process must be described with steps in English and the students will also have to explain how to use every single partof the two instruments mentioned above.
Similarly the students must write a handbook of how to use both instruments, using examples of the Metric System as well as de Imperial or English System. Itmust contain the following aspects:

1) Index
2) Introduction
3) Objectives (1 General and 3 specifics)
4) Vernier Caliper User’s Handbook (using graphics)
5) Micrometer User’s Manual (usinggraphics)
6) Conclusions (coinciding with the objectives)
7) Annexes
8) Bibliography

In the same way, the students have to present a speech with a projector showing their slideshow made withMicrosoft Power Point.

The slideshow has to include a step by step example of the usage of the vernier caliper and micrometer, using pictures, arrows, text, and examples applied to measure industrypieces such as:


A Microsoft Word work must be presented in a printed way, as well as aburned CD containing the work and the slideshow in Power Point.

1) Anvil (Tope): Shiny part of the micrometer that the spindle moves toward, and that the thing to be measured rests...
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