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The advertising design understands the creation, layout and design of printed, such publications how; magazines, newspapers, books, flyers, trípticos... and also the support for other visual, suchmeans as the television or Internet.
Throughout the time diverse methods and forms of communication have been appearing, from the grafitis, (the famous identical ones with the wall that the Romansrealized to communicate some news), the cartels, the first publications of press (diaries) and then the magazines. Later already it spread to the television, the radio, Internet, the mobile.
In thisphase I develop of the mass media, it is when one joins in turn to the development of the market, the products of market, the companies, seran strong points that will defend to a great extent from thedifferent means.
During the history, the advertising design has been evolving. In a beginning the whole technology was elaborated of manual form. Nowadays there are used more advanced technologies ofdesign and production.
Before carrying out an advertising design, a designer and the rest of the equipment of work must bear four very important points in mind:
- The product to designing,
- Theone who is directed,
- The means by which the advertising is going to be realized and
- The competition.
The advertising design is in a point impossible to determine, since it is reproduced inmany areas, with his variables and trends.
The labor of a graphical designer, it is her of transmitting ideas by means of the use of any element, already it is a text, an image. Nevertheless theutilization of an element or other one, it is marked by the trends.
The trends are the preferences on the tastes shared by different groups of persons, which, they coincide on having represented a designmarked by a style, which influences the rest. In every process, the designer deberà to use different designs of the rest and depending on the element that is going to be designed. The designs...
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