Promoting literacy development

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This form asks you to describe the broader context in which you teach. If you teach in only one school, please complete this form once, makecopies of it, and attach one copy to each of your entry responses, directly following each entry’s cover sheet. If you teach in different schools that have different characteristics, and your entriesfeature students from more than one school, please complete this form for each school. Make copies of each different completed form and attach to each entry the form that applies to it.


Youare asked in each entry to provide specific information about the students in the class you feature in the entry. This is in addition to the information requested here. Please print clearly or type. (Ifyou type, you may use single-space the text using 12 point Times New Roman.) Limit your responses to the spaces provided below. For clarity, please avoid the use of acronyms.

1. Briefly identify: •The type of school/program in which you teach, and the grade/subject configuration (single grade, departmentalized, interdisciplinary teams, etc.).

Private American School, Kindergarten, FullImmersion English Program ______________________________________________________________________________________________
• The grade(s), age levels, courses, number of students taught daily, and theaverage number in each class:

K 5-6 Grades _________ Age Levels _________

19 20 Number of Students _________ Average Number of Students in Each Class ___________

Language Arts Areas and subjectareas such as math, social studies, and science. Courses _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have specialists for Spanish,Art, Music and Physical Education. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. What information about your teaching context...
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