Pronouns exercises

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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2012
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Colegio Nacional de educación Profesional Técnica
Plantel Naucalpan 1

Teacher’s name: ___Florina González Vázquez_____ Group: ___5106_Date: ___04/11/2011____
Student’s name: ___MORENO SALASALEJANDRO_________Major:_______________________________

I. Choose the correct alternative according with the sentence.

1.  mother always cooks for 
2.  doesn't know  name.
3. David's sister isvery hard working.  marks are really brilliant! 
4. What do eat when you go to a Chinese Restaurant?  eat pork. I like !
5. I watch  programme every afternoon. is a really good actress.
6. David ismy best friend. play with and sister every Saturday.
7. I like the piano very much, but I don't play .
8. daughter takes care of baby brother.
9. don't brush teeth after every meal.
10. uncle andmy aunt have got a computer. is old and is old and .
11. The teacher is not very happy with , because talk all the time and don't listen to .
12. Those children are very happy. parents have a newcar
13. Are you talking to ? Sorry, but don't understand what you're saying.
14. Is this your new house? like . very big.
15. cleans room every Saturday
II. Substitute the underlined partswith a suitable Subject/Object pronoun: 1. Martha and I don't like adventure films.   2. I give Tom a very interesting book. 3. You never tell your mother the truth.  4. It's very important that youbring your workbook. 5. She studies English and French. 6. He comes to the cinema with Adam and I. 7. They buy some tickets for the concert. 8. Liam, Robert and you go to the same school. 9. The babygirlcries very much at night. 10. The policeman helps the woman  // |

III. Order the following sentences. There is ONE WORD that you don't need in each sentence:
1. He students The to listen him.____________________________________________________________

2. watch parents  MyTV at She night.

3. He is...
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