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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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iu most jand in de finish work
iu most jand in works on taim
iu most bi honest
iu most respect
iu most charchfeirly
iu most bi activ, criativ
iu most work a lot
iu most bi kerful
iu most ius personal protect-chion items
iu most having de raight tools to du a gud yabiu most provaid de niid sequiurity tu employees


iu mosent bi dishonest
iu mosent bi irrespectfull
iu mosent estil oder aidiasiu mosent lif aplaians conected
iu mosent bi lizy
iu mosent lif de workpeis messy
iu mosent damach tools
iu mosent charch mor dan necessary
iu mosentcheinch oriyinal pisis bay chibi
iu mosent mistrial employed
iu mosent lif employees widaut sufficient protec-chion tu carry out work


ai will estadya especialiseichon in telecomuniqueishion
ai will end electronic enginering
ai will estady tu supplement of electronic
ai will shair knowledg with colegs tusupplement our knowledg


ai will married in Canada
ai will have wan chaild
ai will hav a jom japy
ai will giv and adecueted educashion for maishaild tu succeed an meet your goals


ai will buy a car and jaus
ai will hav a successful bisnes
ai will travol the world
ai will lern abautdiferents quiulturs
ai will criet an associeishon of electronic
ai will hav gud economic stability


ai will crieit a mecacic that helps figth diseas
aiwill contribuite to a berer sosaiet for technological development
ai will fumish my knowled tu benefit tos in niid
ai will provaid support tu tos in niid
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