Properties of matter

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Tools to measure some properties of matter.
We use the metric system
The metric system is the world standard for measurement
The metric system is based on units of 10!
Properties of matter aremeasure in meters, grams and liters.
Mass is a measurement of how much matter an object contains.
Solids – use a balance
A metric unit for mass is the gram (g).
Well, weight is different from mass!Weight is actually a measure of the effect gravity has on an object. And it´s measured in Newtons, not in grams.
For example, on Earth, this cube weight 2.5 newtons. But on the moon, where thegravity is only one-sixth as strong as Earth´s gravity, the cube only weighs one-six as much!
The volume of an object is a measure of how much space it takes up.
Liquids – use a graduated cylinder
Ametric unit for measuring the volume of a liquid is the liter (L).
The smaller parts of a liter are milliliters. There are 1000 milliliters in a liter
1000 mL = 1 L
Solids – the volume of a solid ismeasured in units cubed (cm³)
Density measures the amount of matter in a given space.
An object's mass and weight are two different things
Density measures how heavy something is for its size.
Howare properties of matter measured?
Mass, volume and density are all physical properties of matter.
Properties of matter are measure in grams for mass, in liters for volume and meters for length,since we use the metric system.
Mass is the amount of matter in an object.
we measure mass with a balance or a scale.
This table shows the mass of some common objects.
Larger amounts of matter aremeasured in kilograms (kg).
1,000 g = 1 kg. There are 1000 grams in a kilogram
An object’s mass is the same no matter where the object is.
Weight measures the pull of gravity between an object andEarth.
An object’s weight is different in different places. Its weight is different on Earth, on the moon, and in space.
Volume Is the amount of space an object takes up
The volume of solids is...
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