Prophecy & end times

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Prophecy & End Times
By John Jones

Download location: First edition – September 2009


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Introduction Empires in prophecy

Pg. 10 The king of fierce countenance Pg. 13 God’s timetable Pg. 16 Wars of the end Pg. 20 The end of the age Pg. 24 Tribulation overview Pg. 28 Rise of the beast Pg. 30 The restoration ofIsrael Pg. 34 Timing of the rapture Pg. 40 The marriage of the lamb Pg. 43 Gog and Magog Pg. 47 The new Earth Pg. 49 The beast now Pg. 51 APPENDIX 1 – Premillennialism vs Amillennialism Pg. 54 APPENDIX 2 – A biblical perspective on conspiracy theories Pg. 57 About the author

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- INTRODUCTION Or why anyone would write yet another book about prophecy

One of the remarkable things aboutour time is the growing social consciousness of our nearness to End Times. And although this consciousness is expressed via some incredibly diverse perspectives, it still seems poignant that the sum total of many voices is that some kind of End Times is near. In this mix are those who refer to the Myan prophetic calendar, Nostradamus followers, Christians, Muslims, New Age teachers and even totalatheists who worry about horrific world scenarios. Speaking from just about every shade in the spectrum of beliefs, it seems that the voices of multitudes are ringing out to warn mankind that he stands on the brink. Plenty of world issues could be highlighted to this effect, but there’s something more. It appears that somewhere in the collective total of the facts and information swirling aroundus, many have simply developed a gut feeling that we really are on the verge of a time of testing. But are we paying attention? Even as all of this chatter abounds, in a great number of churches the subject is going silent. Here are some possible reasons why: End Times weariness. Some people have been hearing that we’re on the brink of End Times for decades, and it’s fair to appreciate that there isa time for just getting on with the life that is right in front of us. Rick Warren. He’s sold over 25 million books and he actively tells people that they shouldn’t bother with prophecy because it’s a distraction to the gospel. But the book of Revelation pronounces a special blessing on the reading of it, so it seems God wanted it read even if Rick Warren doesn’t. The seeker sensitive movement ingeneral. Prophecy is not considered very “seeker sensitive” and isn’t a recommended topic when you’re applying “church growth principles” by bringing in lots of unbelievers and preaching warm fuzzy messages to them. Ecumenicalism. Prophecy is an area where denominational differences are quickly unearthed. We shouldn’t have any trouble fellowshipping with Christians due solely to them havingdifferent ideas on prophecy, but political ecumenicalism seems to demand a dumbing-down of bible teaching so that differences can be swept under the carpet of unthinking togetherness rather than aired and discussed. Because the times are close. At a fundamental level this is probably the main reason. Satan is working hard in the church to lead it deeper and deeper into apostasy, and he doesn’t wantpeople to understand what is developing around them. Studying prophecy is worthwhile because through prophecy we learn about God’s plan for the world, where human government is heading, how sin will be dealt with and about the ultimate redemption of the world from the power of the fall. It tells us what direction this world is heading in and provides some significant details about what will happen inthe last days of human government. Getting a generally correct view of prophecy is important because a Christian’s view of prophecy can have a huge impact on their life. For instance, say you believe that the world is getting better and better, that Christians will re-take societies institutions from the devil, and that eventually it will all be good enough for Christ to return. This way of...
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