Propiedades generales de los liquidos

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2011
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This question is definitely not a no-brainer

Town theories predominate in the debates that rage on as to why a mere four percent of the population are left-handed. Most authorities agree, to therelief of many a mother of a left-handed child, that if the child prefers using the left hand and functions well with it, there is no need to correct this "condition"

One theory centers on the twohalves of the brain, i.e. the left half and the right half, each of which functions differently. Medical science believes that the left half of the brain predominates over the right half. The stem ofthis theory is the fact that nerves from the brain cross over at neck-level to the opposite side of the body, and nerves from the other side of the brain reciprocate. The end result is that the sidesof the body are supplied by the opposite sides of the brain

The predominant left half of the brain, which graciously supplies the right half of the body, theorically renders it more skillful inreading, writing, speaking, and makes most people right-handed. " Lefties", however, are the product of an inversion, whereas the right half of the brain predonminates, and they work best with the leftside of their bodies

Theory number two trickles down to the asymmetric nature of the body, Examples of the asymmetry, which flows head to toe, are that the right side of our faces differs slightlyfrom the left, that our legs differ in strength, or that our feet vary in size. One aspect of this asymmetry is that for most people the right hand is stronger than the Left

There is no doubt that weall exist in a "right-handed society", which manufactures most basics, including scissors, doorknobs, locks, screwdrivers, automobiles, buttons on clothing, and musical instruments for the 96percent. Left-handed people compensate for this snobbery of sorts, by being members of an elite society, which includes many of the greatest geniuses, including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and others....
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