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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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Proposal on the launching of Poweron, a new soft drink
The aim of this proposal is to discuss how this new soft drink, Poweron, could be launched onto the market. It is vital to focuson different techniques that will be useful to make the drink appealing to possible buyers.
There are different ways to advertise the new product but first we need to establish an age rangefor our customers. The new drink should be sold to young people, people who are likely to try new things such as our drink. It is essential to choose the correct media. Possible buyers will first seethe drink in adverts and they will form their own opinion about the product depending on what they see. The campaign is focused on teenagers and they are people who are always in contact with moderntechnologies. That is the reason why we should advertise the new soft drink on the Internet and TV but we could also promote it in magazines.
The potential customers, especially youngpeople, can identify with a healthy lifestyle. The advert could be performed by famous sports people who transmit this idea of health and youth. They will also give trustworthiness to the drink andbuyers will feel more convinced when buying our product.
Advertising techniques and free gifts
The start of any new product is never easy. The first thing to do is to familiarise people with the newsoft drink through adverts and special offers. For an advert on TV we would need to find a catchy jingle so that people will associate the song with the new product. Another crucial characteristic foran advert is to have a catchy slogan, a sentence that possible customers will remember unconsciously. In order to convince customers to try and buy the new drink, free samples could be given indifferent supermarkets when buying an existing soft drink. Another option could be to hold a competition with the possibility of winning a ticket to a concert collecting tabs.
In conclusion...
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