Propositional verbs

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These verbs take an object, but are inseparable. The object always goes at the end.

• When you go to buy a pair of jeans you always have to try on them first.
• After an exam you are tired, you have to chill out with a massage.


| |Infinitive |Past Tense|Past Participle |Gerund |Spanish |
|1 |To come back (irr) |Came back |Come back |Coming back |Regresar |
|2 |To go back (irr) |Wentback |Gone back |Going back |Ir de regreso |
|3 |To listen to (reg) |Listened to |Listened to |Listening |Escuchar algo/alguien |
|4 |To check in(reg) |Checked in |Checked in |Checking in |Registrar(se) hotel, etc. |
|5 |To check out (reg) |Checked out |Checked out |Checking out |Registrar salida hotel, etc|
|6 |To run of (irr) |Ran out of |Run out of |Running out of |Quedarse sin algo |
|7 |To pick out (reg) |Picked out |Picked out |Picking out|Seleccionar, elegir |
|8 |To hand in (reg) |Handed in |Handed in |Handing in |Entregar algo personalmen |
|9 |To hand out (reg) |Handed out |Handed out |Handing out|Repartir algo, distribuirlo |
|10 |To fill out (reg) |Filled out |Filled out |Filling out |Llenar una forma |
|11 |To stand up (irr) |Stood up |Stood up|Standing up |Ponerse de pie |
|12 |To die of (reg) |Died of |Died of |Dying of |Morir de |
|13 |To pass away (reg) |Passed away|Passed away |Passing away | fallecer |
|14 |To pass out (reg) |Passed out |Passed out |Passing out |Desmayarse,perder el sentido |
|15 |To show up (reg)|Showed up |Showed up |Showing up |Llegar, aparecer |
|16 |To eat out (irr) |Ate out |Eaten out |Eating out |Salir a comer |
|17 |To...
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