Proteccion de redes lan y wan

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Network Backbone Threats 1
• Backbone carries all inter-LAN traffic • Confidentiality
– All data could be eavesdropped

• Integrity
– Any errors could affect all the networktraffic

• Availability
– Loss of backbone means that workgroups would be unable to communicate with each other

Network Backbone Threats 2
• Overview of Threats
– Point of interconnection betweenworkgroup and backbone is a sensitive area – From security viewpoint it:
• Provides a point of access to the backbone • Provides a point of access to all the data associated with a workgroup • Damageat this point could affect both the workgroup and the backbone



LAN Safeguards - 1
• Partitioning
– With a building network there will be different types of information beingprocessed – Some types of data will require extra protection e.g.
• • • • Finance Personnel / Human Resources Internal Audit Divisional heads

– Two situations where extra controls are needed
•Physically separate group or team • Widely distributed group of staff

LAN Safeguards - 2
• Partitioning
– Network configured so that:
• Group workstations cabled to their own switch • Switchesprogrammed to restrict data flow onto the backbone

– Add a Firewall
• Control use of any network services • Control systems that can be contacted



LAN Safeguards – 3
• OtherConsiderations
– If workgroup users are not located in a single area, different measures must be adopted – In most cases, addressing is used to control traffic flow but does not prevent traffic beingread in transit – Higher level of security can be provided by encryption, but:
• • • • Does encryption mechanism understand the network protocol? What is the performance impact of encryption? How areencryption keys generated, distributed, and stored? Will a workstation on the encrypted workgroup be able to communicate with an unencrypted server?

WAN - 1
• Wide Area Network
– National or...
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