Protocolo de atencion y recepcion al cliente,tecnicas de diagnostico y comunicacion interpersonal

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Lead in:
How important is fitness in life?

Read the following text and practice it with your partners.
Rudy millard tracks hishealth an exercise training progress workig with a personal trainer at the bodytech gym.
“ well okay, maybe it was a little more than two minutes in the gym; thisweek.what i actually did was a series of two minute exercises designed to test my cardio levels”.
In tur i did two minutes on five cardio machines in the gym; the crosstrainer, the treadmill,the elliptical trainer, the execirse bike and then the rowing machine,with no breaks in between.
That might not sound like a lot, but mypersonaltrainer jhon was pushing me to go as fast as I could on each machine. He had put this circuit together to see what combined distance I could manage, so that Icould do the same circuit later on to see how I compared in terms of performance between the star of the session and the end of the session.
Of course, he didn’ttell me that beforehand, so there was no danger of me underperforming at the star so I looked good at the end ,and after those ten minutes I was tired!
I then did aseries of balance exercise designe to strengten my core muscles. These consisted of balancing on a half gym ball ans either catching a medicine ball or doing tabatasquats.It`s a funny thing about the tabata squats,even though when I started training I hated them,now I view them as my oid exercise friend!
And so on to the tenminute cardio circuit again. Do you know what? I actally beat my original distance…by the smallest of measures, admittedly, but I still beat it. Feels good, man!
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