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Measurement Guide

3GPP Signal Analyzer for Anritsu’s RF and Microwave Handheld Instruments
BTS Master™ Cell Master™


Demod Option 41 Option 45 Option 65 Option 61

OTA N/A N/A Option 35 Option 38

Anritsu Company 490 Jarvis Drive Morgan Hill, CA 95037-2809 USA

Part Number: 10580-00234 Revision: BPublished: July 2009 Copyright 2009 Anritsu Company

Windows and Windows XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. BTS Master and Cell Master are trademarks of Anritsu Company.

Anritsu Company has prepared this manual for use by Anritsu Company personnel and customers as a guide for the proper installation, operation and maintenance of AnritsuCompany equipment and computer programs. The drawings, specifications, and information contained herein are the property of Anritsu Company, and any unauthorized use or disclosure of these drawings, specifications, and information is prohibited; they shall not be reproduced, copied, or used in whole or in part as the basis for manufacture or sale of the equipment or software programs without theprior written consent of Anritsu Company.

Updates, if any, can be downloaded from the Documents area of the Anritsu web site at:

Safety Symbols
To prevent the risk of personal injury or loss related to equipment malfunction, Anritsu Company uses the following symbols to indicate safety-related information. For your own safety, please read the informationcarefully before operating the equipment.

Symbols Used in Manuals
Danger This indicates a very dangerous procedure that could result in serious injury or death, or loss related to equipment malfunction, if not performed properly.


This indicates a hazardous procedure that could result in light-to-severe injury or loss related to equipment malfunction, if proper precautions are nottaken.

Caution This indicates a hazardous procedure that could result in loss related to equipment malfunction if proper precautions are not taken.

Safety Symbols Used on Equipment and in Manuals
The following safety symbols are used inside or on the equipment near operation locations to provide information about safety items and operation precautions. Ensure that you clearly understandthe meanings of the symbols and take the necessary precautions before operating the equipment. Some or all of the following five symbols may or may not be used on all Anritsu equipment. In addition, there may be other labels attached to products that are not shown in the diagrams in this manual. This indicates a prohibited operation. The prohibited operation is indicated symbolically in or near thebarred circle. This indicates a compulsory safety precaution. The required operation is indicated symbolically in or near the circle. This indicates a warning or caution. The contents are indicated symbolically in or near the triangle. This indicates a note. The contents are described in the box.

These indicate that the marked part should be recycled.


PN: 10580-00234 Rev. BSafety-1

For Safety
Warning Always refer to the operation manual when working near locations at which the alert mark, shown on the left, is attached. If the operation, etc., is performed without heeding the advice in the operation manual, there is a risk of personal injury. In addition, the equipment performance may be reduced. Moreover, this alert mark is sometimes used with other marks anddescriptions indicating other dangers.

Warning When supplying power to this equipment, connect the accessory 3-pin power cord to a 3-pin grounded power outlet. If a grounded 3-pin outlet is not available, use a conversion adapter and ground the green wire, or connect the frame ground on the rear panel of the equipment to ground. If power is supplied without grounding the equipment, there is a...