Provincia de alpes cote d´azur francia

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is the 3rd richest French region and ranks 19th at the European scale. It is going well mainly thanks to its attractivity in terms of tourism; it is indeed one of the favourite worldwide touristdestination welcoming about 34 million tourists every year. The service sector is predominant and provides a good many jobs. In 2009, the region is admittedly affected by the global economic crisis but toa small extent however. It gets out while the going is good and is (after the Paris area) the 2nd French region as regards the setting up of companies. Paca’s motto and key of success could be summedup in one word: innovation.
If tourism is the driving force of Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, the region is also in the lead when it comes to innovative sectors, such as high technology, biotechnology,microelectronics... Education for its part is well developed with various universities, international schools, preparatory classes for specialist university courses, engineering, business schools...All these institutes of higher learning help to contribute to the human capital needed on the region to meet current technological challenges.


* PIB régional: 112 milliards d’€ - 3e rang national
* PIB par emploi : 64 K€ - 2e rang national
* Croissance annuelle > 5,6% en 2003 et 2004 (3 points de plus qu’en moyenne nationale)
* Le PIBde PACA représente 0,95 % du PIB généré par les 254 régions de l’Europe des 25
Structure de la valeur ajoutée
* 81 % de la valeur ajoutée régionale (82 milliards d'euros) provient dutourisme et des services aux entreprises et aux personnes.


Chiffres clés (2005)
* 34 millions de touristes par an
* 1ère région touristique de France
* 2epour les touristes étrangers
* 219 millions de nuitées (11,2 % de la part nationale)
* 10 milliards d’Euros de dépenses dans la région
* Plus de 148 000 emplois salariés en haute...
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