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Job Description |
Title | Internal Information Security Advisor |
Superior | Information Security Director |
Department | Information Security |
General Description |
The internalinformation security advisor provides technical and business advice on a wide variety of points regarding the protection of information. Working in collaboration with committees and work groups inOrganization X, the advisor serves as resource officer for the development and improvement of the company’s information security systems. The advisor ensures adequate control measures are included in allinternally developed applications, as well as in those applications developed by third parties for the organization. As a representative of the Information Security Department, the advisor is also expectedto gain the support of staff members and ensure conformity of all information security controls (major corporations can have several internal information security advisors each having a specialization,such as electronic trade, or incident management). |
Description | Classification |
Technical Support | * Provides technical counsel to those who manage, install and update access controlsystems. * Provides detailed technical advice as regards information security incident testing, including fraud, burglery and internal system failure. * Acts as technical resource for userswanting further details about information security. |
Participation | * Plays the role of technical adviser to a variety of ad hoc committees dealing with matters of information security as theypertain to the current business of the organization and to technological development. * Participates as team leader in the periodic risk assessment of information systems, including systems involvedin developing applications. |
Development and Review | * Periodically develops and refines the data classification system, thus streamlining for employees the decision making process as it...
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