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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2011
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Hello mi name is Montserrat. I am a student at UTBB where my bachelor degree is in Tourism. This is my final project.
We are going to represent thehistory of Mexico: the bicentennial of the independence and centennial of the revolution.

On the 13th and 14th of December, all UTBB students will buildand setup their stands based on the theme that each team will be assigned based on the most important historical facts of this bicentennial.

Our teamwill be representing the “Signature of the 1917 Constitution” and we are working very hard with the preparations of the stand. First we bought all thenecessary material to represent the theater where the Constitution was signed. This theater is the Queretaro Theater, a very old building with a lot ofhistory. We want to create an almost identical stage to the Theater. We bought some fabric to do the stage curtains, and something for the wardrobe of theactors that will represent the main personalities that were present in the signature of the constitution.

We are also making a backdrop with the image ofthe theater, and then we are going to rehearse a couple of times and make sure that everything is ok. We have everything ready for the 13th for when we haveto setup the stand and present our final project to the judges, teachers and students of the UTBB.

After the presentations, we have to raise our standand clean our area. We are looking forward to this since we have been working on it all school year. I hope you stop by our stand and tell us how we did!
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