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The perfect date
Product -1
* She is tall, thin, black long hair, brown eyes clear and mixed color.
* The qualities are that it is a very honest, cheerful, responsible,fun, Kind, tolerant solidarity, understanding, patient, loving, and dreaming.

* The ideal person is a childhood friend, which I know the weather is fine and shared some qualities and I know sheis the ideal person for appointment.

* My fortress is that I do not surrender face any adversity that comes in life, I always want to get ahead and meet the goals I proposed.

ACTIVITY -2Product -3
* My favorite places to have the ideal date. The first would be in a park, the second in fancy restaurant and the third on a beach.

In the first in a park, park life in Armenia,to be in the middle of nature.
* The second in a restaurant, this can be in the restaurant Casa San Isidro to be romantic and very fantastic.

* And the third in Cartagena to be close to acampfire by the sea.

* At the first appointment in the park casual wear.

* In the third round on the beach urban clothing.

* In the second race in the restaurant elegant clothes.ACTIVITY -3
Product -5
Hi how are you? Sara.
* Hello good morning.
* If you remember me is that it is time no see.
* Jonathan Ah, I remember is that you do not recognize.
*Looks like you've lost weight,
and as before I was a little chubby.
* Hahaha!
* What are you doing here in the park?
* I was passing as the day is beautiful.
* Do you like have youbeen?
* Good working and fighting.
* If you remember how well that Sara had when we were kids.
* If I recall.
* * Sure.
* I will be calling.
* It was a pleasure to meet youagain.
* The same is said.
* See you later.
* See you soon.
* Goodbye.
We play every day; I liked to invent a different game each day.
* If like that time you wanted to make a...
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