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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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Cloud in a Bottle


The objective of my experiment is to show how clouds form, to develop a basic understanding of the changethat takes place when water condenses from a gas to a liquid and how a change in pressure affects this transformation.

Real clouds form aswarm air rises. As air gets higher, its pressure is reduced. The air expands, which causes it to cool. As it cools below the dew point, watervapor forms the droplets we see as clouds. Smoke acts the same in the atmosphere as it does in the bottle.


2 liter clearsoda bottle

Small amount of rubbing alcohol just to cover the bottom part of the bottle.

Air pump


Let's Make CloudsStart by pouring just enough alcohol in the bottle to cover the bottom.
Swirl the alcohol around.
Start by pumping the foot pump ten times.We will notice that as I start to pump, the air pump hose will want to pop right out. Hold it in the bottle tightly, being very careful not tolet it fly out of the bottle.
Now fill the bottom of the bottle again and pump the foot pump 15-20 times to put about 9 kg (20 lbs.) ofpressure in the bottle.
When removing the air pump hose, a clear cloud can be seen.


A cloud is a visible body of very finedroplets of water which hang in the atmosphere above the earth’s surface.

Some particles are essential for water to condense and form a cloud.
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