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Exercise 1
Complete these requests with appropriate forms of the verb in parentheses.
1. Mr. Grand, could you explain (explain) the answer again?
2. Paula, can you help (help) me with this Math problem?
3. Excuse me, sir. Would you mind moving (move) your car?
4. Brad, can you lend (lend) me your calculator for a second?

Exercise 2
Complete the sentences with correct form ofwould and the verbs parentheses.
1. If I was (be) you, I wouldn´t buy (buy) that shirt. It´s horrible!
2. What would you do if seen (see) someone stealing money?
3. If I had (have) a lot of money, I would travel (travel) a lot.
4. Monica would be (be) a good student if she studied (study) more.
5. If we lived (live) in the U.S., we would speak (speak) perfect English.Exercise 3
Complete the conversation with correct forms of the verbs in the box.
talk say know be ask would

* Alan: What´s the matter, Mike? Don’t you like this game?
* Mike: Sorry. It´s not that. I kind of have a problem.
* Alan: What´s wrong?
* Mike: Well, I want to ask Sandie Peters out, but I don´t think she (1) know I´m alive!
* Alan: Have you (2)talking to her?
* Mike: Yea, you know, in class and sometimes in the hall.
* Alan: Okay, if I (3) was you, I´d try to talk to her more. Sit next to her at lunch.
* Mike: should I (4) ask her out?
* Alan: I (5) would ask her out yet. Get to know her better first. Then invite her to have ice cream after school or something, not a real date.
* Mike: What if she (6) say no?Exercise 4
Complete the questions and answer with correct forms of would and the verbs in parentheses.
1. Jack, what would you do if your girlfriend broke (break) up with you?
If my girlfriend broke (break) up with me, I would go (go) out with someone else.
2. If you wouldn´t pass (not pass) your exams, what would your parents said (say)?
They would tell (tell) me to study more.
3.If you needed (need) some money, would you ask your friends?
No, I wouldn´t ask (ask) them. I would ask (ask) my parents.

Exercise 5
Conversation including stop…, I don´t mind… and I´m tired of…
Mario: What do you say we go to the movies?
Julio: I´m sorry, but I´m tired of studying, I have a exam tomorrow.
Mario: okay, what can go tomorrow?
Julio: sure, don´t you have your exam?
Mario:Yes, but I don´t mind not pass. Because, I will give money to teacher. Stop studying and you give money teacher.
Julio: No thanks, I prefer to study. Bye. I have much to study.

Exercise 6
Conversation including 3 verbs followed by gerunds and 3 verbs followed by infinitive.
Alan: Brother, where there is a music store?
Alex: is at the center. ¿what are you gonna buy?
Alan: I would like tobuy the CD of Lady Gaga, but I need to buy a CD of Michael Jackson.
Alex: but, if you don´t like her songs.
Alan: I know, but it is a gift for my girlfriend. Today is her birthday, and her friends are having a party. You want to go?
Alex: No tanks! I can´t stand listening to loud music! Because I have a migraine.
Alan: okay, but I´m stadying home alone.
Alex: You have free time, take advantageto do somethings productive. For example, what do you like?
Alan: I like watching TV, but I love surfing the internet.
Alex: You should study, and not waste time.

Exercise 7
Definitions and examples of: nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, adverbs and articles.

The noun is the word that functions as a subject of prayer, have gender and number. Is often accompanied by articles, butcan function without them. Nouns are always things, places, people or animals. Examples:
* dog (perro)
* table (mesa)
* home (casa)
* chair (silla)
* book (libro)
* car (coche)
* tree (árbol)

Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in prayer. The adjectives in English can be classified into the following categories:

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