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Proyecto Ingles nivel 1

The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate what you have learned in this course, I invite you to answer all questions the best you can. Good Luck and have fun, I’ll beglad to answer any questions!

1. Interview a Family member, a friend or anyone you want using and then answer the following questions / entrevista a un miembro de tu familia o a un amigo, o amigay contest alas siguientes preguntas
a. What’s his/her name?
b. How old is he/she?
c. Where is he/she from?
d. What is his/her favorite music?
e. What is his/herfavorite tv show?
f. What are her hobbies?

2. The verb TO BE. Chose the correct form of the verb to be - am/is/are. Elige la forma correcta del verbo to be, tienes tres opciones- am/is/areg. It  cold today.
h. I  at home now.
i. They  Korean.
j. There  a pen on the desk.
k. My name  Nikita.
l. We  from Ukraine.
m. That  right.
n.I  OK, thanks.
o. Clara and Steve  married.
p. She  an English teacher.

3. Change the sentences using the Negative Be. Cambie las oraciones usando el negativo del verbo To Be.q. Example: John is playing the guitar : John IS NOT playing the guitar
r. Kelli is Justin’s sister
s. Cara and Andrew are best friends
t. Jordan is doing homework
u.Drew and Will are cooking dinner

4. Grammar: present progressive
Complete the sentences using the present progressive of the words in the square:
Complete las oraciones usando el presenteprogresivo de los verbos en la caja.
* Drive
* Run
* Cry
* Play
* Ride

* Playing

a. Example: David is playing with his brother
b. John is __________ thehorse
c. Carlos is __________ the half marathon.
d. Carolina is ___________ the guitar
e. Hans is ___________ because his dog died.

5. Write two short sentences where you say something you...
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