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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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Randall Cruz Soto


Ingles II

Project 2 “My favorite things”Maestra: Aida Borja

My favorite things
* My favorite band is :
I had a girlfriend and so she liked pxndx and she showed me thisband, I started to listen their music, I listened another and another sing.
So actually, I am listening this band because I love their songs* My favorite place is New York:
I´ve gone twist to New York, I like it because the city is great an exciting for all things that you cando, for example: I went out by myself at 8:00 every days and I came back with my uncle at 10:00 because I visited many places: 5av, the EifelTower, Central Park, Yankee Stadium, etc, etc.
Sometimes I stayed at my uncle home because arrived my other family.

* My favoritefood is the PIZZA:
I like so much the pizza because It has many ingredients so I always eat: Hawaiian´s pizza because I love the pineapple andde jam.
Also, I´ve eaten many types of pizza, but the most I like is this, I don´t why but I like it.

* My favorite thing to do onweekends:
I have many things that I do, some weekend, I maybe stay in my home or I go out with my friends, lately, I went out with the footballmembers team, to Puebla and Toluca because we had games in that places, but I like to go to the movies and do whatever, meet new places.
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