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Using your English

Through this WebQuest, you will get experience speaking with people who are native speakers of English. You will be able to utilize all of the grammar concepts and vocabulary words that you have been studying.
I’m sure you are tired of studying the same grammar points over and over again, memorizing vocabulary words that you never get to use. Through thisWebQuest, you will be able to use your English in an interactive way and also learn about the culture of an English-speaking country. In addition, you will make a friend who is a native English speaker!
First, you will make a group of three people. Together, you will decide what English-speaking country you want to learn more about. Then, you will all research about the country. Next, you willfind a person from that country on and write to them. After you get the answers to the questions you have asked and have written to your new friend a few times, you will all make a PowerPoint presentation together comparing each of your lives to the life of your new friend. You will also present any new and exciting things that you learned from your friend, and tell why you foundthem exciting. You should keep communicating with your Pen Pal as a way to use your English and learn about other cultures.
1. First, you will make a group of three people.
2. Next, you will choose and English-speaking country (and state or area, if you choose a large country).
3. Each person will choose a research topic (i.e. food, school, sports, holidays, festivals,history, politics, etc.) and research about their topic in the country and area that your group has chosen.
4. You will share your topic with the rest of your group and brainstorm questions that you would all like to know about your country of choice. Each person should have 2 questions that they would like to ask.
5. You will register on and search for a person from thecountry and area that you have chosen. If you can, try to find someone who is almost the same age as you.
6. You will write a letter to the person that you have chosen. If you need help, please ask your teacher. Each person should contribute one paragraph to the letter. You do not need to ask all of your questions in the first letter. Ask one or two questions at first and then wait for a reply.7. When you are finished asking all of your questions, compare your new friend’s life to your own. For example, if you asked about school lunches, compare your school lunches to your new friend’s school lunches.
8. Create a PowerPoint showing the similarities and differences between what you researched and what you learned from your new friend.
Compare and contrast your country and yourfriend’s country.
When you are finished with this, ask the other group members what they think about your information.
You should each write and present your own section. Feel free to add in any additional information that you learned about you new friend’s country.
You should have the other group members proof-read your section and then everyone practice giving the presentation together.
Ifyou do not know how to make a PowerPoint, please refer to the following video for the basics of how to create a PowerPoint.

| Unacceptable 1 | Acceptable 2 | Good 3 | Amazing 4 |
Research | You have not researched your topic at all. | You have only looked at one source, show very little knowledge of your subject. | You have looked at 2-3 different sources and know about yoursubject. | You have looked at 4+ different sources. You are very knowledgeable on your subject |
Communication | You have not mailed anyone from | You have sent one mail to a person from | You have sent two mails to a person from | You have sent three or more mails to your friend from |
Presentation | PowerPoint with only...